Analogue love.

For almost twenty years i have been working a regular job at the marketing agency. Every day, Nine to five. I just pushed pixels and had zero interest in photography. Until one day.

Frankly it happened accidentally. My basement was robbed and while digging through the few things left I found my grandfather’s Zorki 3s – Russian analogue camera, dating from the fifties (original photo above). It had a leather case and seemed to be in good condtion. To make sure i took to the shop and they said there was still life in it. That moment i have decided to try something new and different which later turned out to be the beginning of a new era in my career.

I was a complete beginner and had to learn from scratch. You Tube seemed like a proper source. There I found almost everything I know today. I still read tutorials. Everyday -You never stop learning.

Zorki 3, Jupiter 8 50mm f2,0

Inspired by Zorki, I wanted to go further. I have picked up second hand Zenit TTL, my first SLR, and finally more advanced iconic Canon AE-1 Program – camera which “changed the game” if you’ll allow a cliché. Both cameras came with the similar 50mm lens and I needed wider angle and also a zoom lens to capture a cat or a bird without scaring it away.

Canon AE1, 50mm f1,4

As film made it’s great comeback my bag started to fill in with cameras and lenses. The rest is more or less history.